Sailing & Powerboats

Watch one of our members enjoying some dinghy sailing..........

There are many members within the club with a variety of boats, including dinghies, yachts, power boats and jet skis.

The Mawddach Estuary is a great location for smaller boats and with access to Cardigan Bay we have a great location for a whole range of boating activities. We also offer training opportunities so that boat owners can develop their skills and enjoy the local waters safely. 

The club organises children's sailing during the summer months. This is limited to a week in the summer as our current instructor lives some distance away, so at this time we cannot offer a regular weekly session.

We do also try to get our boating community together in an annual flotilla event. Great to see all of the various boats together on the water.

We would love to offer greater boating opportunities, if you have any skills that you can offer or if you are interested then please do contact us.

An additional facility we have is a secure boat compound that is conveniently located by the harbour and offers storage for our members.

Members of other yacht clubs are welcome to use our facilities, contact the Bosun (on 07470 447359) in advance for  access.