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Celtic Rowing

The Rowing Section of the MYC, also  known as the  Mawddach Rowing Club for racing purposes, is open to all MYC members. We have members interested in social and competitive rowing, so no matter what your ability we have rowing that you can actively participate in.


We welcome new rowers and  if you would like to try this activity then contact us and we will organise a taster session for you. Don’t worry if you have never rowed before, it really  is easy to get started.

We currently have four boats the “Merlyn y Môr”, “Draig y Fawddach”, "Cregyn y Môr" and "Sarn Badrig".


Rows are tide and weather dependent so we do not row on a fixed date and time, so you may see us out enjoying the estuary and the sea at anytime. This also means that no matter what your working pattern, you can enjoy this activity.

The Celtic Rowing boat is a great sea boat with a fascinating history that you can read about here.

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