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Barmouth Harbour

Barmouth Harbour is operated and managed by Gwynedd County Council. We have a harbour master who is the primary point of contact for all harbour issues and mooring enquiries.

Barmouth has two launch slips on the quayside in close proximity to the Harbour Masters Office and launching is limited to these designated zones. Launching at Barmouth is tide dependent and is limited to 2-3 hours either side of high tide, note that there is a 4 Knot speed restriction with the harbour.

When launching, ensure that you have contacted the harbour master and that your car and trailer are removed from the slipway to keep the access clear. Also beware of soft sand and mud when launching and retrieving. 

Swimming is not allowed in the Harbour and it is worth noting that boats regularly enter the water from the beach by the Bath House. 

The Harbour Master and his team can be contacted at the harbour office and by phone or email.


Harbour Master's Office, The Quay, Barmouth, Gwynedd, LL42 1HB.      

Harbour Master Office

01341 280671

Additional Resources for Barmouth Harbour Users

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