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Paddlesports  Marathon

Sunday 20 km Marathon


Tidally assisted ascent & descent of the Mawddach Estuary from Barmouth to Penmaenpool & back with a "Water" start. Paddlers may enter in any type of Canoe or Kayak and an experienced racer can expect this Marathon to take 1-1½hrs to complete.

This is an ideal way to race and enjoy the magnificent surroundings of the Mawddach Estuary and the splendour of the Southern Snowdonia Mountains.

There is a narrow and winding main river channel (See OS Map 124 or Google Earth) which on both the Flood & Ebb is the focus of the main Tidal Stream. The quickest route is not necessarily to follow the most direct route but to use your judgement and observation to ascertain the the best Course. This is particularly relevant on the return leg back to Barmouth -which adds greatly to the Challenge of this Event.You should be aware that on the return Leg, wind against tide conditions usually prevail.

All Paddlers in this event must be confident they can cope with Open Water conditions and be able to Self Rescue. This is a 10km Open Water Estuary. The Ebb Tide faces the prevailing conditions on the day,  so wind against tide is likely especially at the narrow points. All Paddlers must confirm that their ability is matched to the prevailing conditions on the day and are able to Self Rescue.

In keeping with BCU Marathon Regulations the Organisers will require Competitors to supply and wear PFD's.

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