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Bar Review

Throughout 2022 we have trialled a card payment system in the bar and we now have a good solution in place. As many local banks are closing it is now a lot easier for us to take card payments rather than cash.

Card is now our preffered method of payment within the bar.

Whilst we will still be accepting cash our level of change will be limited so exact change would be appreciated.

We endeavour to ensure that all of the club prices remain as low as possible to give maximum benefit to our members. After our annual review of bar prices we have had to make some adjustments based on increasing prices. Many of these prices have not been raised for a number of years and hence recent increases could not be accomodated within the existing price scheme.

We still offer a great range of products that are much cheaper than many of the main pubs within the area. This is largely because we have volunteers that run the bar and hence we do not have the overheads of commercial establishments.

Our opening times are constrained by availability of our volunteers and we are always looking for more individuals to help us. If you would like to be trained up to run the bar please do let us know.

It really is very simple and a great way to meet other members!

We have a whole series of winter events now restarting and we hope to see you in the clubhouse soon.

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