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Rowing Spring Meet

On Saturday 22nd April we are holding a rowing spring meet at the club. Rowing from 9am-noon followed by sandwiches and drinks in the clubhouse.

The aim is to give all of our rowers an opportunity to get back on the water and meet new members before the summer season of rowing starts in earnest.

Rowers experienced and new, young and old. Everyone is welcome to pop along. Even if it has been a while, we will do some fun rowing and get the crews back together.

Bring a plate of sandwiches or cakes, enjoy a row and an informal get together!

If you are an exisiting MYC member then you are of course welcome to come along and join in.

If you are not currently an MYC member but are interested in rowing, then by all means pop along to the clubhouse for a chat. We are always taking on new members and we can sign you up to have a go on a date very soon. It would be great to see you.

We look forward to seeing you all

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