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Access to Free Digital Powerboat & Rib Magazine

Due to COVID-19, Powerboat and Rib Magazine are printing a limited number of their magazine.

This is their message to boaters ......

"During hard times, it is important for us all to focus on positive things for our own mental well being, and our mission at Powerboat & RIB magazine is to bring some ‘salty’ relief to those who love boating, and reading about the very thing we are passionate about is a great way to stay positive.

Here at PBR, we have launched a new campaign #keepboatingalive, and as part of this campaign we have made the digital version of our magazine available completely free of charge. This is a turning page version allowing you to read Powerboat & RIB via your internet browser on a computer PC or Mac, or your tablet or smartphone. This free subscription also allows you to access many years of back issues completely free of charge.

Anyone can sign up simply with their name and email address at:

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